MASLE: Machine-Aided Spoken Language Evaluation (c) Brian Teaman 2003-now

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MASLE Description:

The MASLE project has the goal of creating a series of tools for the evaluation of spoken language over the internet.This evaluation will be performed by automatic speech recognition software as well as by human raters.

It is run by Brian Teaman professor of phonetics at Osaka Jogakuin College (Japan)

MASLE Latest News:

Wireless Ready. February 20, 2009 in Nagoya and Second Life.

Presentation at National Institute of Education, Singapore. April 11. 2009.

Demonstration of MASLE website at the IASTED: Web-based education 2009 web-learning conference in Phuket Thailand.

TESOL2007 in Seattle Washington. I'm doing a poster session on March 24, 2007 from 12:30-13:45. Tesol users can use the system here use the classkey "tesol2007" as you register.

JALT2006 in Kokura. I presented my latest version of the MASLE system. Here is the latest link to the system. Here is what you need to do: 1. register, 2. connect to a class. Use the class key "qayyes" to sign up. Right now, you can only take tests. Soon you should be able to become a teacher but "teacher" users will have to be created. Please contact me about becoming a teacher on the MASLE system.

Here is a survey to take if you can't attend my talk at JALTCALL 2006 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Phonetics conference in Kochi, Japan.

Presentation at KOBE Institute of computing on November 18-19. (abstract as html) (paper in pdf)

MASLE Kaken (Japanese Research Grant):

MASLE research was partly supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Japan under Grants-in-Aid No. 17520406 (2005-2007)

The kaken research team: Brian Teaman, Chief Researcher, Osaka Jogakuin College (Japan) Steve McCarty, Osaka Jogakuin College (Japan) and Takeshi Tamura, Kobe Institute of Computing (Japan)

Phonetics and Speech Technology Education:

Speech Processing Course at Purdue

Phonetics and Linguistics at University College London. Great Resources

Karen Chung

Phonetics Society of Japan

Speech Tools


Pronunciation Diagnostics

Recording Guidelines

CSLU Tookit Free toolkit for developing speech recognition applications for education. Sounds promising but it is Microsoft OS only. Another compelling reason to have a current wintel box. Introductory slide show.

Praat Phonetic Analysis Software

CSLR: Center for Spoken Language Research They have a recognizer called Sonic that has been successfully installed in OS X as well as other usual suspects.

HTK Speech Recognition at Cambridge University, one of the best resources for the HAPI recognizer, includes downloads for the HTK book

Written Sources:

Annual Bulletin Research Institute of Logopedics and Phoniatrics

Interview of Jared "PhonePass" Bernstein and his Patents

Hardware Search :

A/D converter for high quality recording and input. Here is a chart for: hardware comparison for Digidesign and M-audio. )

Reference Monitor comparison chart.

M-Audio Review from

Audio dealer:

Where to buy: Soundhouse in Japan


JavaSonics We have recently purchased JavaSonics Listenup software. It will allow the recording of speech over the internet. This is a major step forward. MASLE test site here

SPREX: supplier of a HAPI implementation and consulting that we are currently using


Portable Speech Corrector

Possible MASLE application: here

could this provide some ideas for having students read from a list and then getting a list of words that students can't read properly so they can look them up and diagnose them.

Learning Pronunciation by Carolyn Samuel. A review of a few textbooks and how learners can use them to improve their pronunciation of English.